Thursday, August 14, 2008


Today, on 15 August 2008, we are celebrating India’s independence. It is time to take honest account of our feedback. Although we have achieved in many areas we have equally failed in various fronts to prosper as expected despite crossing six decades after our independence.

We have survived as a nation and we are the largest democracy in the world. Of course, not qualitatively but quantitatively. Although we have become a nuclear super power, we are still a developing country.

Our educational system needs drastic changes making it more employment oriented. This is the area where we failed miserably in bringing out educational reforms despite having abundant technical and qualified manpower.

We have many internal conflicts and regional imbalances leading to regionalism and fundamentalism. India as nation can grow only when all the issues are addressed earnestly.

We have the ability to forgive and forget. It is a great quality of Indians. But the other side of the story is negativism. There is more reception to negative information rather than to positive information. In this context, the media need to play a mature and constructive role.

The message for the Indian youth is to become duty oriented rather than rights oriented. Don’t expect either from your parents or from the nation. Try to work hard and work smart to achieve big. Don’t invent excuses for your failures rather look for reasons and solutions for the same. Try to give as much as back to your parents and to the nation by focusing on your roles and responsibilities. Develop confidence and optimism. Learn to dream and dare to dream. Never look for differences rather look for commonalities in every area. Cultivate the mindset and develop the attitude that we are Indians first and Indians last ignoring various diversities. Education and character are two sides of the same coin and one without the other has no meaning. Be confidant and optimist. There are plenty of opportunities available due to the opening up of our economy. What is now needed for the youth is grab the same and grow. Abdul Kalam has a vision that India would be a developed by 2020. But if youth play a crucial role in the nation building our country would become a developed nation much before 2020. Our leaders sacrificed their lives to win freedom for us and now it is our duty to protect and preserve the hard won freedom for our future generations. JAI HIND


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