Monday, August 4, 2008



Everyone should have goals in life as goals will motivate to move in the desired direction. Goals help stay focused. Goals help us to do something on a day to day basis as we have certain objectives to achieve in our life. Goals keep you going. But how do we set goals?

“A goal properly set is half way reached”, said Abraham Lincoln. Goals must be specific. For instance, we need to specify clearly so that we can follow that particular direction. Goals must be objective. In the sense, we need to be concrete at the base level so as to know why we move in that direction. Goals must be measurable. For instance, the set goals need to be fixed with duration to reach. Goals must be achievable. It means, these should not be based on daydreams but solely based on dreams. It is rightly said, ‘Vision without action is a daydream and action without vision is a nightmare’. Goals must be reachable. For instance, we can set the goal to become the President of India but not the President of USA. Goals must be timed so that we can hope of reaching. All these goals are succinctly called as SMART goals.

Goals should not be set based on herd instinct. There should not be any parental pressure or influence of friends or relatives. On the contrary, it should be purely based on aptitude.

Goals remove all negatives thoughts as man becomes optimistic in attitude. Viktor Frankel was a Jew who was put in concentration camp and subjected to lot of hardships. He wrote the book titled ‘Man Search for Meaning’. He said that people can survive for longer time if they have goals. People survive as they have unfinished agenda – goals.

Here is an exercise that can help in setting the goals more meaningfully. Close your eyes for five minutes in a serene place and think yourself how and where you would like to be after 5 or 10 years in your life. You must cover your personal life, professional life and social life. Then, just think of the fuel required to get you going towards goals and that fuel is nothing but KASH which is the acronym for Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits. What kind of knowledge is essential to reach your goals? Then the attitude to develop the goals and the requisite skills and abilities is to be listed. At last what are the best practices and habits necessary to reach the goals has to be written. After having written about the KASH then you can work on towards your goals.

Once the goals are set, it is necessary to write the same as written goals are more meaningful. Read the same twice in a day before going to bed and sooner you wake up from bed. In the night, whatever is read is firmly fixed in the mind and the same is firmly confirmed as the goals are read the moment you get up from bed .When it is made as a regular habit then the goals can be nailed firmly in the mind. The subconscious mind is so powerful that it keeps you reminding you regularly and ensures that you do not go out of the track.

In life, there are two forces or factors that disturb our plans and they are internal and external factors. In the case of external factors or forces, nothing is in our hands and therefore, it is meaningless to worry for the same. But there are internal factors which are very much with us and can not be taken away that are KASH. Everyone faces failure at some point of time in life but what ultimately stands by the individuals is the KASH not cash. The founder of Honda Company was literally in shambles during the Second World War. But he rose like phoenix because of KASH. KASH keeps fuelling the individuals in pursuit of goals. KASH supplements sufficient spark to ignite the passion.

In the business parlance it is frequently said that cash is king because when goods are sold on cash the risk is eliminated. People like Narayana Murthy and Dirubhai Ambani reached from nowhere to number one position not because of any cash but because of KASH. To sum it up, neither ‘Sing is kingg’ nor ‘Cash is king’ but it is KASH that is KING forever.


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