Saturday, March 7, 2009

Marketing Vs Selling

People often confuse between marketing and selling. Here are a few features that distinguish between marketing and selling.

Marketing is the process of bringing services and goods to the market. In contrast, selling is when something very ‘close to a sale’ to a prospective customer takes place. Selling is subset of marketing. Marketing is broader concept where 4 Ps are involved product, place, promotion and price. Marketing promotes relationship while selling may not promote. Marketing involves more of branding while selling may not. Marketing involves more of the products a company offers while selling involves more of products that provide value to customers.

Selling is product oriented while marketing is customer oriented. Selling is stock oriented where in the objective is to push the stocks for liquidity in few cases. In contrast, marketing is profit oriented.

There is a strategy involved in marketing while in selling nothing much of strategy. And last but not the least; selling is producer-centric while marketing is customer centric.

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Nancy said...

Hello Prof. Rao,

I have gone through your blog. I visit your blog often. It consists good quality of articles. It is useful to students. Coming to this article you have totally failed in providing valuable definitions for Sales and Marketing. It seems you do not have even a minimum knowledge in Sales & Marketing. Your other orticle based on softskills are good. For instance, Placement is not a part of 4ps, but it is Place. This is a basic thing, which you should know before penning on such subject. This kind of mistakes will misguide the readers and also it decreases the value of your blog.

Here you are with the general definitions of sales and marketing

If you sell what ever you have, it is called Sales.

If you sell what customer needs, it is called Marketing.

The first paragraph, which is meaningless, Controversial and I think even you can't make out the meaning. One more thing, at one place you said marketing is profit oriented and at the other place you mention it as customer centric.

Last but not least please avoid attempting subjects, where you do not have common idea. It decreases your blog's value.

With best regards,

Nancy Woods
Marketing Manager
Woods Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd.