Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A.R.Rahman, Oscars And "Slumdog Millionaire"

With Slumdog Millionaire bagging eight Oscars at the 81 Academy Awards, it made India proud in the global level. A.R.Rahman’s bagging of two awards for the ‘Best Song –Jai Ho’ and ‘Best original Score’ has brought out the fact that music has no geographical boundaries. A.R.Rahman is another Indian to receive Oscar next to Bhanu Athaiya and Satyajit Ray and the first Indian to bag two Oscars and that too for the same film. The film raised the sights and sounds of India. It is a strong film with strong performance. The success of Slumdog Millionaire is not only the success for the film, but for the entire film industry and India as a whole.

Unsung Heroes:

In most of the Indian films it is the actors and actresses who get recognized and noticed. But the recent announcement of Oscar awards broke the myth as the technicians also play a crucial and key role for the success of the film. The Oscar award focused more on the unsung heroes. It also broke the myth that Indian films were not accepted at the global level. When a film is correctly portrayed and presented, it is bound to be accepted and recognized at the global level. The present success of Slumdog Millionaire is an indication that Indian cinema has come off age.

Slumdog Millionaire – The Top Dog:

Slumdog Millionaire is a small film with a big heart. And it is a global film with an Indian heart. It depicts the story of Mumbai slum dwellers in a true light. The film is natural, short duration, low budget and based on socio-economic realities of slum dwellers of Mumbai, India. The film portrays of two boys how they come when they lost their mother in riots. The trials and tribulations they underwent during their upbringing and the conflicts they faced during their life time are skillfully portrayed. Each incident in the life of hero taught several lessons that helped me to become a millionaire in the realty show.

The movie also adds little bit of violence prevailing in the slums. It combines romance and sentiments where the hero loved the heroine till last although she was kept as a servant by the underworld don. The film has all ingredients of violence, romance, sentiments, stunts and comedy. It conveys a social message to all to take note of slum dwellers more seriously. To put it succinctly, the film presents the power of hope in lives. Besides, it adds that given the choice between the money and love, it is the love that is lasting forever.

India produces the highest number of films in the world but when winning of Oscars comes we stand nowhere near. It is a good beginning for the Indian film industry. Several Indian films went for Oscars in the past and unfortunately they failed to bag. Many stars in India nursed their ambitions to bag Oscar award but could not make at the last. Basically Indian movies have songs and lot of sound effects which was not appreciated by the West. Besides there is an impression that Indian films are copycats of Hollywood films. But Slumdog Millionaire broke such myths about Indian film industry as it made the world to sit up and take notice. It is a very good beginning for Indian film industry as the world would take seriously hereafter.

Jai Ho Rahman!

When we look at the biography of A.R.Rahman, it is clear that he rose from rags to riches i.e. from rags to Oscars. The film coincides with the rise of Raman from nowhere to number one status by passion, perseverance and persistence. He suffered several personal and financial hardships right from his childhood before reaching the top slot. At one point of time, he virtually and literally gave up music for lack of money. Personally he gave break to many people in the industry. Of course, it was Maniratnam who gave him break in the film ‘Roja’. His mother was the symbol of motivation and inspiration. She toiled hard to bring up A.R.Rahman and placed him in his passionate area - music.

Music connects the people across the world as everyone can listen and enjoy. On the contrary, language has limitations as people have to put in more efforts to understand the essence. A.R.Rahman deserves credit for bringing Indian music to international identity. The Indian government should decorate him with the highest civilian award for making India proud at the global.

Passion – Key to Your Success:

Success is combination of passion, vision, mission and execution. Success does not come when you ape others. It comes only when you follow your heart. Once you know what touches your heart then you need to think where to go and that falls in vision. It requires big picture to find out where you want to travel in your life. Think out and plan a strategy of for your path which is known as mission. Once the path is charted out then get into action which is known as execution. During this course, there may be internal and external threats. And when you can manage the same successfully, you can achieve your passionate goals.


To sum up, it is not only victory for the persons who won Oscars, but also for the people who are involved in making the movie, for the entire film industry and for all Indians across the world. Winning eight Oscars is just beginning. We expect many mores such Oscars in future.

The End

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