Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lincoln and Eagle

“The eagle does not catch flies.” Goes the Proverb

Eagles represent heroism where eagles soar with eagles and do not get mixed up with other birds. Dr. Myles Monroe writes about ‘7 Principles Of An Eagle’ where it is stated that eagles fly with eagles, have a high vision, feed only on fresh prey, love storms, tests before it trusts, knows the realities of life and finally sheds old habits.

Like eagle, Lincoln had tenacity. He underwent several trials and tribulations during lifetime. Eagle has excellent vision and so is the case of Lincoln who was a visionary leader. Leaders love storms as the way eagles love storms and enjoy thoroughly. Leaders never shy away from challenges. They face the same squarely as it brings out best from them. For Lincoln, Civil War was a storm to his leadership. The adversity brought out the inner potential of Lincoln where he came out with flying colors by preserving the unity of South with North. Eagles rarely like to be in the comfort zone. So is the case of leaders who keep shifting their orbit from comfort zone to effective zone continuously.

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