Saturday, February 7, 2009

Motivational Tips

Motivation is the ability to move forward without losing one’s energy and enthusiasm despite facing several setbacks in life. Motivation drives the people to move forward towards their goals and objectives. Abraham Lincoln was the person who is synonymous with motivation. Despite facing several setbacks in his life in various capacities, he did not give up. He pursued to the end and became the first Republic President of USA. In this regard, it is necessary to know how to motivate yourself.

Motivational Tips:

• Always surround with positive people with healthy mindset.
• Solitude is the best solution where you generate fresh energies to move forward.
• Set smart, measurable, achievable, reachable and timed (SMART) goals as they fuel you constantly.
• Involve in positive self-talk. But do not exaggerate yourself.
• Keep slogans and posters at home and office to get energized constantly.
• Reward yourself, whenever you achieve something.
• Maintain a diary exclusively meant for motivational quotes. Whenever you feel upset you can refer the same.
• Recall your past achievements whenever you face setbacks or failures.
• Visualize success. Imagine that you are always on the top of the world.
• Lend your hand to unsuccessful people so that it bounces back to you as ‘good begets good’.
• Think big and remove your mental barriers.
• Recollect your role model and recall how he/she overcame challenges in life.
• Find out what motivates you – love, money, success, status, comforts, power, prestige etc., Once it is known, then getting motivated becomes an easier process.

Learn the fact that failure is only a comma not a full stop. A smooth sea never makes a skillful mariner.

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Shariff said...

Great article Prof. really liked it.
You Rock!! :)

silversting said...

hello sir,

This is kalyan,hope u remember me,icfai(dilsukhnagar),i have gone through your profile n articles.really an excellent blog,very inspiring.gotto learn so many things here from ur blog..with this blog i hope u have become an inspiration or atleast an instrumental to the people around the world..hatsoff sir

"Everytime you end your sentence with a question mark, you leave a door open to greater learning. The more questions at the end of your sentences, the more you can learn. If you like making statements, you have stopped learning. Everytime you use a full stop or period you close a door, Never stop learning, Never ever stop learning"