Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Failure is Only a Comma, not a Full Stop

Success is like a beautiful woman who may go away at any time, but failure is like a mother who will be with you forever and teaches you many lessons.

Success is the sweetest word in the world. Failure is the hardest word in the world. But both are essential for a meaningful and successful life. While failure teaches many lessons success keeps you moving forward.

Lincoln’s Failures:

“Failure should not alienate you and success should not elevate you”- Prof.M.S.Rao

Leaders like Abraham Lincoln are an inspiration and motivation for the people who fail miserably in life. He set an excellent example in getting along with failures and became the first Republican President of America. Whenever any individual faces failures look at this American legend who faced maximum failures successively for many years. Yet he demonstrated his dogged determination and iron will to prove the world that anything and everything is possible at any age provided lessons from the failures are well learnt.

Success - By Result:

Success should never be treated as an end result rather it should be treated as a by result. You need to put in efforts and energies regularly with a view of loving to do the job. When efforts are sustained and focused for a longer time, success is sure to wed. In Mahabharata epic, Lord Krishna rightly said, ‘Do your duty and don’t look for results’. When you look everything from success perspective, there is bound to be frustration as you focus more on success rather on your efforts. When you focus more on efforts not on results then success is sure to touch your toes.

Move in Matrix:

You need to move in a matrix. Life is all about numbers. You need to change the strategies that do not work properly. You need to align your strategies to reach your goals. In life, there are two things to be stressed upon – one is internal environment and the other is external environment. Mostly, failure is the result of the factors and forces prevailing in the external environment. When you face failure as a result of the influence of external environment you do not have to regret. When you face failure as a result of internal environment you need to take a quick look at the strategies that did not work. You need to accept the blame, change the strategies that are feasible and possible and move forward with energy and enthusiasm. If you see the big and broad picture even some of the problems arising out of external environment can be anticipated and checkmated to avoid any fiasco. But it requires a typical and extraordinary mindset crafted from rich experience.

Examine Failures:

When faced with failures just think whether you failed in the same way by applying similar strategies. In that case you stand out to be a fool who do not learn lessons from your failure. If you failed differently there is no cause for concern because you tried to work out different strategies towards success and the same did not work out. Therefore, examine the failures critically and creatively to learn lessons and accordingly change strategies for achieving success.

Love, Success and Age:

Love and success has nothing to do with age. Anyone can love at any age and anyone can succeed at any age. If you have a big heart, love can blossom regardless of age. Similarly, if there is will power, success can be acquired by turning around failure regardless of age.

Failure – A Comma, Not A Full Stop:

If you say that you have not failed, that means you have never tried. If you say that you have failed that means you are mature to admit that you tried and learnt lessons. It is folly to blame the fate for all your mistakes. As a human being it is necessary to put in best of your efforts and energies unmindful of the results. Over a period of time, success does not become a by result but an end result. To conclude, failure is only a comma, not a full stop. You can turn the tide towards success with your passion.

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