Friday, February 6, 2009

Interview Tips for Freshers

Interview for freshers is the most challenging one especially for those who are not trained and groomed in facing the interview board. Interview is all about interaction, negotiation and communication. The objective is to check the suitability, capability and eligibility of the candidate to a particular post. Nobody would like to have a round peg in a square hole. It is problematic both for the employer and the employees as there will be mismatch of interests.

Below are a few tips where the candidates have to be cautious during interview to come out with flying colors.

• Create an initial positive impression and impact.
• Be confident and optimist and always project positive body language.
• Be cheerful and do not get provoked even if any stress related questions are posed as they are checking for certain qualities such as ability to work under pressure and capability to work for long hours.
• Never sound like a ‘know-it-all’.
• Don’t hesitate to ask the question, if it is not clear to you. It is better to ask and clarify than giving a wrong response.
• Try to look for an opportunity to highlight your strengths and competencies. Project the qualities that the employer is looking for.

Always remember one thing in life. Success does not come when you give what you have. Success comes only when you can give what the other person wants. Employers look for the qualities that are essential for their organization. To find out the same, look at the companies’ vision and mission so that you can have a fair idea about the values and ethics of the company. When you give the same, your success rate would be higher. In put it succinctly; equip yourself with a right mind set, tools set and skills set to bag the coveted job.

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