Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Passion, Survival & Success

Richards was passionate in becoming a trainer. His ambition was to become a successful trainer in leadership. All along his life, he faced several lows and highs in life. Having come to the middle age, he decided to make use of his corporate experience by becoming a successful trainer in leadership. Although he tried for several jobs for becoming a trainer he failed to become. He had several employment offers other than trainer. Since he had family with children he had several responsibilities. Therefore, he decided to compromise with his passion and joined in a multinational organization as middle level manager. He was able to deliver the goods on an average basis but could not utilize his full potential. For him, survival became more important than his passion to become a trainer.

Likewise, we find many people compromising with their passionate areas and settling down for less than what they aspire, desire and deserve. Can the Richards’ decision be justified? Can he grow in the present job that he does for the sake of survival? It is a debatable issue.


Life is replete with complexity and unpredictability. Anything can happen at any time and many things are out of our control. A few people struggle to control the external factors and achieve success. And a few people compromise with what they can do with in the internal factors and survive. Everyone’s life revolves around these three factors like passion, survival and success.


Success comes when there is confluence between one’s expectations and realities. Success can be defined as the result arising when there is matching between dreams and desired outcome. It comes when the right person is in the right place at the right time. Success comes when the forces and factors in the internal and external environment are effectively managed and coordinated.

Success does not come when you compare with others. Success comes when one’s own performance is superseded or surpassed by previous performance. For instance, initially if you run 15 kilometers in one hour and subsequently if you run 16 kilometers within the same time, it means you are successful. Never compare yourself with others as it leads to frustration. Everyone is unique. No two individual are alike. Even twins are not alike in temperaments. How can you compare with others?


Passion is an immense love towards one’s area of interest. It is a fire that keeps the people moving forward. It is immeasurable and intangible and it can only be felt, when one achieves success. It never listens to ‘No’ and always listens to ‘Yes’. It makes the people to go any extent to achieve anything under the sun in the earth. The fact that many inventions occurred and the human civilization prospered and evolved to the current stage is because of the passion.

Passion keeps the people focused. It never distracts from the cherished goals. It keeps the people in the right track and in the fast track. No amount of criticism hinders the passionate person.

Passion is nothing but the burning desire to become big. Passion is like a volcano hidden among the people. It keeps burning internally and drives the people ahead. It is the passion that led Dhirubhai Ambani to build Reliance Empire in India. It is the passion that led Gordon Binder to turnaround Amgen Company. These passionate leaders had clarity and knew where they were going.


Passion is the key to success. Find out where your heart is. Tap and channelise your energies and efforts in those areas. Do what you love to do. Fear not for failures. Fear not for criticism. Look at your goal. Hit the bulls’ eye. Only then, you can achieve success in your life.

Loving what you do is survival. Doing what you love is success. Pursuing what you desire is passion. Decide yourself.

The End

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silversting said...

nice sayings sir,just loved it..

I stopped paying the price of success the minute I started loving what I do………. It became my passion and remained my choice! The money became a bonus. I started paying the price again the minute I stopped loving what I did…………….. It became my sacrifice and suddenly I had no choice! The money became the only thing worthwhile.