Friday, July 3, 2009

Blend Your Talents and Skills for Success

The key that unlocks energy is desire. It's also the key to a long and interesting life. If we expect to create any drive, any real force within ourselves, we have to get excited. " - Earl Nightingale

All human beings are blessed with certain unique qualities which are called as talents. These qualities are acquired from parents. Talents are inborn and are unique. Each individual is unique. One cannot expect even twins alike in talents. On the contrary, skills are the abilities that can be acquired by way of reading, observation, practice, and training. Both talents and skills have to be blended in order to achieve the desired outcome i.e. success. It is necessary to know what the inherent talents are. Knowing yourself better helps you in realizing your hidden potential. SWOT analysis, which is the acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, is the tool to discover your hidden talents, skills and abilities.

SWOT as a tool is widely used by many, in all spheres like civil organizations, political parties, defence organizations and one’s personal life. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you minimize your threats and maximize opportunities. It is very easy to execute this tool at the personal level. You may ask few of your family members to evaluate your strengths and weakness honestly and jot down the same. You may ask your friends who are impartial to judge you in the same lines and take their comments separately. You may also ask your teachers, well-wishers, other than your friends and family members to offer their comments about your personality and take their notes. After having acquired information from multiple sources, take the qualities that are commonly connecting strengths and weaknesses and these could be taken as the accurate qualities. Once you know strengths and weaknesses you can create your road map to success by overcoming weaknesses and capitalizing on strengths. It ultimately leads to success.

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