Thursday, July 30, 2009

Recession and Depression - Prof.M.S.Rao

Currently recession has becomes one of the reasons for depression. People developed fear psychosis about their possible lay-offs. Those who have been retrenched have the probability of getting into depression. Those who are at the verge of getting fired have their own apprehensions. Apart from the loss of loved ones and lack of fulfillment of sexual desires, the financial problems may also lead to depression.

People should treat recession as an opportunity rather than as a threat. Those who have potential don’t have to worry for their employment as they can be absorbed anywhere and elsewhere. Recession is not a threat for workaholics. People can start their own enterprises. Many enterprises have come up during the economic downtown. People should not lose their confidence. They can go for freelancing. They can start their home based businesses. They can pursue their passionate areas which hitherto have been neglected due to regular employment. In addition, they can convert their passion into a profitable business opportunity. People should be optimistic rather than being pessimistic in their approach. They should not get into the trap of depression. Those who have been laid off can convert their threats into opportunities.


Unknown said...

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laxmi swetha2009 said...

in fact i am not fear about recession and depression.
basically i have shortlisted my opportunities so i give option for others not others to give to me (job,teaching,trainer nor business)not only me about also everyone have opportunities .mainly people fear of finance and investment not the savings. people are fear about thinking-out-of-the-box(in my views)


thanks Mr.MSR, am completed my MBA in madurai university, presently working in ESSAR, i learnt lot of things from ur blog , thanks a lot for ur broad mind.
we salute prof

Anonymous said...

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