Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Do You Want to Become CEO Quickly? - Professor M.S.Rao

The Generation Y has high energy levels with proactive attitude. They want to grow rapidly in their careers as the current global economic ambience is conducive for quick career advancement. They have the inquiry spirit and often ask, “Why?” and that is the reason the Generation Y is often referred to as Generation Why. This generation has several advantages that neither baby boomers nor Generation X had. They are goals driven with a long view. However, if they want to scale higher position and reach the tipping point of their corporate career - that is CEO position, they must learn to work in line positions rather than in staff positions.

Line positions are key positions and functional areas within the organization while the staff positions are supporting positions and functions that mostly support line positions and functions. These positions are relative from organization to organization depending on its vision and mission. Employees must learn to differentiate these positions and plan accordingly to ensure quick career growth.

Now-a-days, almost all executives are competent in their domain and non-domain areas. Most of them are ambitious and driven. Therefore, the Generation Y must lay out their career plan well in advance and go by the road less traveled. Besides, most of the executives are knowledge workers with competitive spirit with an eye for top organizational slots. Hence, they must set goals with a long view by pursuing in line positions rather than in staff positions for reaching the tipping point in their careers – CEO. Hence, lay out your blueprint now itself and execute smartly.

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Ashwin Setlur said...

Line positions are THE positions which will take you to the top in the organizational ladder. Every one should strive for getting into Line positions rather than staff positions if they want to achieve their ambitions in time.