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Nara Chandrababu Naidu’s Tenacity - Professor M.S.Rao

"Any one can hold the helm when the sea is calm." - Publilius Syrus

Nara Chandrababu Naidu needs no introduction. Once known as the kingmaker of Indian politics, now he has been reduced to the status of an opposition leader who is struggling for his political survival. He has number of challenges within the Telugu Desam Party and within his family and within his home state – Andhra Pradesh. Can he survive the current challenges and stage a smart come back like many leaders in the past bounced back from failures like Phoenix and hold their ground? Only time will tell as nobody knows what happens next. Here is the brief profile of Naidu.

Nara Chandrababu Naidu is the President of Telugu Desam Party and is the longest serving Chief Minister in the history of Andhra Pradesh. He served as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh twice. He has seen highs and lows in his life and become more mature with ground realities. He is a calculated risk taker and a visionary leader. He is a leader par excellence.

Andhra Pradesh has grown under his leadership and especially the present Hyderabad. Currently people are enjoying the fruits of Naidu’s efforts to shape and focus Hyderabad on global map. He provided a new direction to governance. He is a good administrator who has an eye for details and comes out with facts and figures on political debates in the assembly. Although he is not a great orator he has the ability to get the message across to the people.

Naidu is a master strategist. Although he is in opposition he has the ability to retain his flock together which is very tough especially for the leaders who are in opposition. Had there been any other leader the party would have disintegrated by this time. Although there is strong Telangana sentiment he retained his flock of Telangana intact. Although there are rivalries with the NTR clan to checkmate him politically he takes precautions to hold firmly on the ground. It is very tough for a leader like Naidu to stay in opposition for too long having tasted power at an young age. His political come back as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh in 2009 was stalled with the entry of Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam Party and, as a result, he lost power narrowly. It is rightly said, “When the going gets tough, tough gets going.” I am sure he would bounce back as he is noted for his tenacity and resilience.

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