Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Public Speaking Techniques – Professor M.S.Rao

Public speaking is an art, craft and a skill. If people want to hone public speaking skill they must have passion to learn the ropes. Here are the few nuggets you can learn to connect with your audience quickly and for effective presentation.

• Use humor as an ice breaking tool to connect with your audience. Humor breaks the tense situation and helps connect with the audience quickly. But avoid using excessive humor as it compromises with the content and you will be labeled as an entertainer rather than a professional speaker.
• You can rhyme words as they sound like music to your audience and help them in retaining the important information for a longer time.
• You can also tell tales as tales connect with audiences quickly. People are excited to listen to stories. Besides, tales help connect the reel content with real experiences.
• Research reveals that one out of seven messages gets across to audience in any communication and the rest fall flat. Hence, the speakers must use visuals while speaking with audience as people remember visuals more. If possible, you can also interact with your audience if it happens to be small to ensure effective takeaways.
• Research also unfolds that audiences often lose touch with speakers when it exceeds seven minutes. Hence, it is essential to gauge the body language of the audience periodically during presentation to change styles accordingly. If speakers find that audiences are losing interest then they must share anecdotes or short stories related to the topic.

Hence, when you go for public speaking next time, keep these techniques in your mind apart from doing lot of preliminary research about the topic well in advance.

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If people want to hone public speaking skill they must have passion to learn the ropes.

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