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“Is Sonia Gandhi a Soft Leader and Indira Gandhi a Hard Leader?” - Professor M.S.Rao

"Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far." - Theodore Roosevelt

Do you find it difficult to choose between two leaders Indira Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi? Do you find it tough to decide who is a better leader? Here is the response.

Both Indira Gandhi and Sonia are good leaders but their leadership styles are different. Indira Gandhi believed in hard leadership style which is all about believing more on performance than on people while running her government. In contrast, Sonia Gandhi believed in soft leadership that is all about emphasizing more on the concern for people than on performance. Indira Gandhi believed in transactional leadership style while Sonia Gandhi in transformational style. Although Sonia appears soft externally she is a strong woman who makes hard decisions with more concern for people. Above all, the times that prevailed during Indira Gandhi forced her to act like a hard leader while the current times demand more of a soft approach for resolving various issues.

Sonia’s Soft Leadership

Sonia is a cool thinker. She is against corruption and quick in making decisions especially against corrupt people irrespective of party affiliations. She proved herself more as a soft leader while her mother-in-law, Indira Gandhi as a hard leader. Probably Sonia is a soft leader as she runs a coalition government which needs lot of balancing act.

Sonia entered politics reluctantly like her husband late Rajiv Gandhi. She stood like a rock when her husband was assassinated. She brought her two children through right values and ethics. She did not get everything on platter in politics. She entered into the Congress party when it was getting disintegrated that too when the party was in opposition. She took the reins and rejuvenated the Congress party.

Sonia surprised her critics by bringing Congress government back at the Centre through her soft and effective leadership skills and abilities. She flatly refused to become the Prime Minister of India when everything was easy for her. She surprised her critics and opponents by sacrificing power and installing a minority Sikh and a clean personality - Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Sonia is a strong woman with great character who means business. She has become the symbol of women leadership and a role model for Indian women. The future belongs to the soft leaders like Sonia Gandhi.

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