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“Dr. Marshall Goldsmith – The Man Who Moves and Mesmerizes Leaders” - Professor M.S.Rao

“When successful people write down goals, announce these goals to respected colleagues and involve the colleagues in helping them improve (in a supportive way), positive measurable change is much more likely to occur.” - Marshall Goldsmith

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith needs no introduction in leadership and executive coaching. He is the New York Times and million copy best-selling author of MOJO and What Got You Here Won't Get You There. He is the number one coaching guru and one of the top ten leadership gurus in the world. He is an executive coach who helps successful leaders become better by bringing out behavioral changes.

There are specializations in coaching. For instance, late C.K.Prahald was specialist in strategy related coaching and Richard Leiter is specialist in life coaching. However, Marshall is specialized in interpersonal skills and behavioral skills.

It is true that behind the success of every leader there is someone who laid the ladder for his or her growth. That ladder is none other than the executive coach in corporate world who constantly grills, grinds and makes leaders sharper and wiser through coaching and constructive feedback.

Coaches are the ladders who keep the ladders on the right side of the wall. Leaders know how to climb and why to climb but it is the coaches who know where these leaders should climb. It is said that behind the success of every man there is a woman. That is a traditional cliché. However, in the corporate world behind the success of every leader there is a coach who placed the ladder of the leader on the right side of the wall. Marshall has put the ladders of several leaders of Fortune 500 companies on the right side of the wall thus ensuring their success.

Few cynics opine that coaching is a management fad. Coaching is going to survive and play a crucial role in the corporate world. Although the term coaching is new, it has been existing since time immemorial. Due to the growing complexities in the corporate world there is growing emphasize on coaching to enhance performance of leaders.

Marshall – A Level 5 Leader

According to Jim Collins, the level 5 leaders don’t mind who gets credit. Their main job is to deliver the goods best without looking for any rewards. Besides, the level 5 leaders have the humility and professional will. Marshall Goldsmith is a Level 5 Leader in the language of Jim Collins who shaped several CEO’s careers without taking credit. He is humble at core, down-to-earth and is a thorough professional who means business.

Next to Peter F. Drucker it is the Marshall Goldsmith who deserves Nobel Prize for his contribution towards management and executive coaching. He is a man with humility who is ready to handhold leaders beyond geographical boundaries. He has great global appeal with huge fan base. Norwegian Committee must constitute Nobel Prize for the management discipline and must award Nobel Prize to this leadership legend.

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laxmi swetha said...

leader's main idea is to ....Their main job is to deliver the goods best without looking for any rewards

great and excellent

Jawahar said...

As professor Rao said, Dr.Marshall Goldsmith deserves Nobel Prize for his contribution to Management and Executive Coaching.

Narayana Rao said...

Marshall is indeed a Level 5 Leader!
He is noted for his humility.

Dr. Kamalesh said...

Professor Rao,

Nice article on Marshall. He is a leadership legend with number of books. His book Mojo is amazing for readers with valuable takeaways.

Dr. Biradar said...

Marshall is another Peter Drucker. His books give amazing knowledge about leadership and coaching.