Monday, May 2, 2011

“Work from Home”- Professor M.S.Rao

Learning is what most adults will do for a living in the 21st century.” – Perelman

One day a friend of mine from New Zealand asked to talk over the phone for a query on endorsement of my upcoming leadership book. When I rang up and enquired him about the endorsement he initially felt excited with my call. He asked several questions that I had clarified. After completion of formal conversation, I curiously asked him, “David, where you are now and what do you do?” He replied, “Professor Rao! I work from home and provide training programs on leadership for top global companies. Of course, I also work from home and provide training and teaching programs on freelancing basis. I decided to use this term hereafter as it sounds interesting and appears polished. I also wanted to share with my bloggers. Here is it!

What is Work @ Home?

Work from home is a new method of employment where employees work from home at their convenience. It is catching up globally as people crave for more freedom and dignity. It has innumerable benefits especially there will not be any organizational politics and no need to ask for a raise from your boss. It saves time, money and energy as it avoids hassles of commuting. There are tax benefits as well. You will have lot of liberty as you don’t have to report to one boss. If you don’t like, you can stay away from a specific assignment. However, you have to take care of financial aspects. Sometimes you earn more than the monthly salary and most of the times less than that. But the pleasure of working from home is amazing.

You must have good networking skills. LinkedIn is the best place to develop links. You need to have an educational blog to touch the right audience to make right noise to get recognized and branded appropriately.

However, work @ home has several challenges as it is often tough to find out genuine assignments online. It is not possible to network with others physically and there is no room for sharing of ideas and knowledge with others. As man is a social animal, people love to socialize with others although it involves encountering challenges during socialization.

Age is not a deterrent to work from home. You can undertake online tuitions, assignments and contracts through right links. You get teaching and training assignments and also writing assignments through online. To achieve all this, you need to be passionate to learn and grow continuously and update with latest technology and happenings in your area of interest.

Work from home is 21st century way of working either through online or offline by working from home. You can concentrate on your passionate areas as it you gives great independence apart from giving your financial freedom.

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Felix said...

I have worked from home for two years now and never made as much as I used to make working in the office. But, with all the savings I have made, it turns out that I have netted as much as I use to make.