Wednesday, May 4, 2011

“Obama vs. Osama” - Professor M.S.Rao

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” - W.W. Ziege

American President, Barrack Obama has proved his leadership skills once again by successfully eliminating Osama Bid Laden on this earth who was a symbol of global terrorism.

Although the names both Obama and Osama appear to be similar, these personalities are poles apart. Barrack Obama has positive attitude and has grown as a successful global leader while Osama Bid Laden had negative attitude and became a terrorist. Both Obama and Osama are intelligent leaders and the former used for the benefit of mankind while the latter used for the destruction of mankind by unleashing terror. It is a great lesson to all terrorists in the world who live on gun culture. It is true that the one who lives with violence and dies with violence and same happened for Osama.

The way the operation was conducted in Pakistan reveals the military and intelligence supremacy of Americans. That too it was conducted in an alien land without the knowledge and assistance of Pakistan and without any casualties on civilians. Hats off to American intelligence (CIA)!

Indian government has been making hue and cry for many years that Pakistan has been harboring terrorists and the culprits who attacked Indian parliament and Mumbai Taj hotel still live in Pakistan. It is reported that Dawood Ibrahim, the culprit behind Mumbai riots still lives in Pakistan. But nobody is taking the issue seriously. America took the issue of Osama seriously because Osama was the mastermind in twin tower blasts and America avenged by eliminating him. Now America must act against Pakistan by declaring it as a terrorist state and asking it to hand over the culprits to Indian government who were involved in creating communal clashes and riots in India.

Coming to Barrack Obama, he is a great American leader next to Abraham Lincoln who rose from ranks. Although Lincoln had shorter tenure as President he played crucial role in averting the disintegration of America and united America as a one nation apart from ending slavery in America. To conclude, Lincoln united America and Obama ensured peace in America and in the world with great leadership skills. Hats off to Obama! God bless Obama and God bless the world

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Anonymous said...

Hello Prof,

No doubt, your article gives a brief description about good and bad apple but if u dig in deeper then give a thought who and how was Osama created.

Thank you