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“Do Indians need Old-Age Homes?” - Professor M.S.Rao

“As we grow older, we must discipline ourselves to continue expanding, broadening, learning, keeping our minds active and open.” - Clint Eastwood

When I was working as a professor in an educational institution I used to commute in the college bus. Usually I rarely talked to others as I am basically an introvert person and confined myself to reading books. Most of the commuters in the college bus knew that I was introvert and a voracious reader. One day when I was reading the book while returning to home in the college bus, one person cracked a joke, “We all need to join old-age homes in our old age as our children would be busy with their challenges. They will have money but no time to help us physically.”

Everybody laughed at it. I never thought about old-age homes as I was still in my middle age where my two sons were pursuing their education. But I thought for a moment and found there was some element of truth in it as people are getting busier. Previously people did not wear wrist watches but they had lots of time to spend. Presently people wear wrist watches but they don’t find time to spend with others. I felt that the technology has brought lots of comforts apart from separating people physically. I compared my life in my childhood with the present middle age. I found that people are busy with their challenges and rarely interact with others.

I decided to write an article on it so that it would benefit others who are in their middle age to prepare mentally to stay in old-age homes as their children would live elsewhere with their busy schedules. In future, people will have money but less human relations. Hence, people must keep some money aside to stay in old-age homes. Insurance companies can look at it as a potential area and entrepreneurs can look at building old-age homes to serve old people by charging money. It is a great opportunity for them but a tragedy for old people. Is life really great?

“I truly believe that age, if you're healthy - age is just a number.” - Hugh Hefner

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Life is great!

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