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“Life has Become Highly Complex – A Short Story” - Professor M.S.Rao

“Sometime reality is too complex. Stories give it form.” ― Jean-Luc Godard

For almost six months, I was thinking to pack my excess luggage at home and transport it to my native town. First of all, I was always busy with my training assignments. Secondly, it was not urgent for me to transport excess luggage as it can be done at any time. Thirdly, I did not want to give my luggage to any professional packers and movers who come to home, pack and transport goods to the destination without any hassles. I thought I can do for myself along with my two sons who are still pursuing their engineering education and enjoying summer vacation.  

I was free from training programs for a week. I thought of writing a book - ‘life is beautiful’ Hence, I began authoring the book. At the time of writing the book, I again thought that writing book depended on my mood levels whereas transporting goods to my native place required people, some more energy and time. Since my two sons were enjoying summer vacation, I thought to give it priority as my two sons and I can pack the goods and ship them.  Hence, I stopped writing book and started concentrating on transportation of my excessive luggage.

I found out from my wife about the excess luggage that we had. She said that it would come to around 7 packages. I went to local transport office to find out the formalities and the amount needed and the duration it would take to ship the goods to destination.  I searched scrap shops to get a few empty cartons. Finally, I bought six empty cartons. I enquired the people who could carry filled in cartons to the local transport office. After planning everything, my two sons and I fixed a day to start the work.

We all got up early morning on the scheduled date; slowly collected the items that were surplus and packed five cartons with goods. We called for a local vehicle to carry the goods to the local transport office. My elder son and I took the luggage and booked them by paying the amount. We got the receipt from the transporter and sent it by courier to my relative to pick up the luggage in my native place.  Although it all looked silly to me to do all these things such as coordinating people with my two sons, it took almost six months for me to come out of my comfort zone to ship the goods to my native place. I laughed at myself about the fast changing lifestyle where people don’t find time to do minor tasks. People have money but don’t find time to do certain routine tasks. I felt that life has become too hectic.  

“Your greatest asset is your earning ability. Your greatest resource is your time” – Brain Tracy

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Life is great!

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