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“Do You Live for Yourself or for Others?” - Professor M.S.Rao

"It only takes one person to change your life - you." - Ruth Casey

The caption sounds interesting to many and thought provoking to some readers. When we look at media it often highlights about the personal lives of celebrities to invite the attention of others. Media does it deliberately to increase their TRP ratings as there is a cut-throat competition due to privatization of media especially television channels in India. People also enjoy listening about celebrities and their personal lives rather than their public lives. Therefore, media exploits it by highlighting the personal lives of celebrities.

Every celebrity has three types of lives – personal, professional and social life. The celebrities are known to others due to their public performances and actions. People admire and follow them. At the same time, celebrities are human beings with their strengths and weaknesses. People often expect their celebrities to be role models in their personal lives which is not possible in real lives as they have their own tastes and temperaments. It leads to conflicts in expectations and realities among followers and fans from their celebrities.

Personal life is something different as celebrities have their own interests and passions. Professional life is something the celebrities are accountable to their fans and followers. And to some extent, they are accountable to social life.  Hence, people should not interfere into the personal lives of their celebrities as they have to assess their celebrities based on their professional and social lives. And celebrities cannot sacrifice their personal preferences for the sake of their fans and followers as they also have one life to lead like others.  

When we talk of other people whether they live for themselves or for others it becomes a moot point as people are different by nature. Some people are concerned about themselves and live for themselves rather than to live for others. Some people sacrifice their personal lives and live for others. It is individual specific and difficult to come to conclusion. As long as the behavior and attitude of the people don’t encroach into others’ lives they can live for themselves rather than to live for others. The moment the actions of people start disturbing others they must live for others also as society is a collection of people where all people must stick to standard rules and regulations to lead smoothly in the society.

"A lifestyle is what you pay for; a life is what pays you." - Thomas Leonard


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