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“Reflect Regularly to Lead a Meaningful Life” - Professor M.S.Rao

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: first, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third, by experience, which is the most bitter.” - Confucius

People are busy with their hectic lives. They are busy with their challenges. Some are busy facing cut-throat competition. Some are busy with their financial or family problems. Likewise, everyone is busy in this world. Before the advent of internet technology, people had a lot of time and they spent with their family members, friends and neighbors. They enjoyed more of human relations. But presently people are beset with lots of challenges and they don’t find any time to reflect on various things including life.

One day when I was going by car to deliver a leadership training program, the car developed a technical problem. I have the habit of reading newspapers and books during my travelling time. After completion of reading newspapers, I take a book and read. But due to the car breakdown, the car driver went outside and phoned someone for assistance. I phoned to my training consultant and informed him that I would be delayed for sometime due to car breakdown. My consultant relieved me with a message that other trainer will conduct my session as per the schedule and I can catch upon training session once I reach the venue.

It was highway and I came outside the car to have a glance on the nature. I started to enjoy the nature. The driver informed me that he would get the problem fixed within an hour.  I was thinking what to do at that time. I wanted to read a book as I am a professional book reviewer for several prestigious international journals but I did not get any mood to read. Then I started reflecting. My mind was still for sometime as I was suddenly free from hectic activities. I thought for sometime and started to reflect. Fresh ideas flashed in my mind. It was really amazing to note that lots of great ideas poured in my mind. I felt energetic as I was flooded with loads of fresh ideas. Gradually I captured their ideas. I started to think about my life; and how to provide meaning to my life; and how to make the world better with my knowledge and experience. I also started getting ideas to focus on niche areas that have not been explored by others. It was really an amazing feeling within my mind when I reflected. I captured all those thoughts on my note book as I have the habit of maintaining a journal. I wanted to work in a new direction on new triggers to lead a more meaningful life to make a difference in the lives of others.

Hence, it is essential to reflect once in a while to recharge your mind with new ideas and insights not only to achieve success but also to provide meaning to your life.

“If we would only give the same amount of reflection to what we want out of life that we give to the question of what to do with two weeks’ vacation, we would be startled at our false standards and the aimless procession of our busy days.” — Dorothy Canfield Fisher

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