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“Respect the People who are with You. Don’t Take them for Granted” - Professor M.S.Rao

"Organizations in the future will manage feelings, beliefs, perceptions and values - the asset of emotional capital - as the hidden resources with the power to translate people's knowledge into positive action." - Kevin Thomson

In July 2014, I had the privilege of meeting a renowned Indian management thinker in India. He contributed greatly to the domain of management by staying in India throughout his life. He has been working in a prestigious Indian educational institution for many years. Some of his close friends went abroad and grew as international management thinkers. They hide the name of the Indian institution in which they worked as they think that it is below their dignity and to their international profiles.

I authored 30 books on leadership and mostly take the endorsements of international management thinkers. I thought of including his endorsement also in my book as I consider him on par with other international thinkers. He was kind to provide endorsement to one of my leadership books. That is how my association with him has begun. I am a professional book reviewer for various international journals and I thought of reviewing his book as well since he authored some books on leadership. I told him to ship one of his latest authored books to review for one of my international journals.  He informed me that he would visit my city and bring the copy along with him and asked me to meet him. I was happy to meet him as I never met him earlier. He sent me his address. I met him in the city. He was with his wife and son.

He is very simple and humble by nature. Although he is a renowned management thinker, success did not go to his head. He is polite and soft spoken. He was happy with my international achievements and applauded me for achieving greatly by staying in India itself. He expressed his view that many management thinkers grew when they left India but he was excited to hear that I grew within India itself and established as an international management thinker.  I told him that I love my country more and my vision is to build one million students as global leaders. Above all, I served in Indian Air Force, and like to stay in India itself to serve the society. He was very happy with my views. I told him that he added a great value to the domain of management by staying in India and working in the prestigious Indian institution for many years. But he expressed his opinion that the institution doesn’t think in that way. I felt very bad that he was taken granted by the institution. In fact, it is human nature to take the people for granted who are with us for a long time. We don’t realize their value and contribution when they are with us. In contrast, we realize their value only when they leave us. When people work in an institution for many years, the institution doesn’t think that the individuals are loyal to the institution. In contrast, it takes the individuals and their contribution for granted. It is very unfortunate indeed!

We respect people greatly who are in far distant places. It is like another’s pasture always looks greener. We ignore the people who are with us due to the perceptions. Let us learn to respect the people who are with us and their contribution rather than taking them for granted.  Most management thinkers grew abroad due to their connections, facilities and ambience. If the same facilities and ambience is provided within India, Indian thinkers can also grow like other international management thinkers.

“Respect is earned but honor is given.” - Craig Groeschel

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